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About the Oslo Fjord Museum

Welcome to the museum in Vollen! We are dedicated to life on, by, and in the fjord. You can explore this theme through a variety of events and two exhibitions - "Fjord Tales" and "Life with the Boats.

Location in Maudbukta

The museum is beautifully situated, and its location in Maudbukta is not coincidental. This is the place where Roald Amundsen's polar ship "Maud" was launched in 1917, built by the local boat builder Christian Jensen. The Oslo Fjord Museum still carries the legacy of this historic event. However, the boat itself, or what remains of it, is located in Tofte. As part of our tradition, we annually organize an event that focuses on everything related to "Maud" and polar history.

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But it's not just "Maud" and boat building that have left their mark on this place. In more recent history, the area was home to the furniture factory Arnestad Bruk, which had a significant impact on Vollen and the surrounding area. By collecting furniture produced at Arnestad Bruk, we aim to convey more about the history within the museum's premises.

Boats from the Oslo Fjord

Our boat collection, the museum's "heart," serves as a gateway to stories about coastal life around the Oslo Fjord. The collection provides insight into the maritime culture that has shaped life along the fjord, and the boats stand as a testament to the craftsmanship and leisure pursuits that have flourished here for many decades.

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A selection from our boat collection is represented in the exhibition "Life with the Boats." However, the rest of the collection is available on the "digital museum" so that you can explore the diversity of boats either built at or used on the Oslo Fjord.

Our exhibitions are about more than just showcasing glimpses of the boat collection. We aim to provide insights into the diverse history and culture of the Oslo Fjord. Whether you have a passion for boats, an interest in history, or simply want to spend a day by the water, it's worth stopping by and exploring the Oslo Fjord Museum.

Tales of the Fjord

Fjord Tales" was completed in time for the museum's 10th anniversary in the summer of 2023. Through a selection of objects representing stories from the Oslo Fjord, the exhibition provides an impression of the fjord's changing significance for people over time. The exhibition also serves as an invitation to share your personal stories and experiences.

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Oslo Fjord has a rich history and is a landscape of great significance to many people. By involving more voices in the storytelling of the fjord, we aim to bring forth new narratives and perspectives while raising awareness about the importance of preserving the Oslo Fjord for future generations.

Welcome to the Oslo Fjord Museum!

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