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What can you experience?

The old station building at Gundershogget is from Rørosbanen, and was built in 1920. At Gundershogget station you can also find the kiosk where they sell refreshments, our newspaper “Lommedalsbanen,” and postcards that can be posted at the railway’s own post office.

Gundershogget is the starting point for the tour path that gives the opportunity to combine the train ride with a pleasant walk through the nature in Lommedalen. For those who choose the train, the first stop is Bjørkåsen station, where crossing trains can meet, and various railway material is exhibited.

The station building at Bjørkåsen is from the old Oslo East railway station. Vensåsbakken was in its time (from 1915-1956) a much used ski jump where ski jumpers like Narve Bonna, Birger Ruud and Gunder Gundersen have jumped. The last name won the Kings Cup in the combined event here in 1953.

Smutterud is the end station at the southern end of the railway. This station building is also from Oslo East railway station.

At all the stations, and also along the railway line, some of our rolling stock is on display.

Opening hours

Summer train

You can go for a ride on Lommedalsbanen on selected Sundays in June and Sundays mid August till the end of September from 11:00-15:00.

Christmas train

One weekend in early December you can join us on our train journey to visit Father Christmas. The opening hours will be announced in the Norwegian railway timetable. There will be special precautions in case of heavy snowfall and extremely cold weather.

Check our calendar (in Norwegian) to see when we're open.


  • Adults: NOK 100
  • Children/seniors: NOK 50
  • Children under the age of 2 travel for free

Find us

Bus No. 143 from the Oslo Bus Terminal to Bærums Verk. Then bus No. 733 to Bykrysset in Lommedalen. By car from Røa, Haslum or Sandvika to Bærums Verk. From there Lommedalsveien all the way to the end, then Kampeveien and Tolverudveien. Follow the signs.

Charter/excursion trains

Groups, both business and private persons, are welcome to hire Lommedalsbanen for a special experience.

Schools and kindergartens are also welcome.

Offers to disabled people

It is possible for wheelchair users to travel with Lommedalsbanen.

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