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Lommedalsbanen was officially opened on 3rd October 1981, when the first part of the railway was ready for traffic. In later years there have been multiple extensions, and work with more extensions is underway.

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Lommedalsbanen was established in 1987 by Margrethe and Olaf Wiegels, and on 1st January 1991 it got the status of semi-official museum. The museum is a member of Norway’s museum association.

Lommedalsbanen is meant to be a living museum with the following objectives: ‘’To collect and preserve 600 mm gauge railway material with the associating technical aids and tools from plants, industry and the Norwegian defence.” The museum will attempt to document historical development, functions and meaning of both temporary and permanently built railways with these concerns.

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The 600 mm gauge stock that Lommedalsbanen use, was for many generations very common. However, these days it is almost forgotten. In other countries like Sweden, there was also public transport in this gauge. This has never occurred in Norway. 600 mm gauge has had impressively many uses, including: Industrial plant work, mines, industry, sawmills, quarries, brickworks, peat moors and various bases in the Norwegian defence.

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