Hopp til hovedinnhold

It was the largest German prison camp in Norway during World War II

From June 1941 to May 1945, nearly 20,000 prisoners were held at Grini. Most of the prisoners were Norwegian, but there were also some from other countries.

Today, the Grini Museum is part of the Museums in Akershus - MiA. The Grinimuseet will convey the significance of the prison camp in Norwegian war and social history, and how the political and human conditions in the camp are relevant even today.

In recent years, extensive work has been done to further develop the Grini Museum and develop new permanent exhibitions about the largest German prison camp in Norway during World War II. The exhibitions deal with topics such as arrest, methods of punishment, prison guards, isolation and illegal communication.

  • This barracks was moved from the prison camp after the war. It was restored here in 2015, and is now part of the Grini Museum. Photo: Hedvig Kolboholen.

Today, the museum is housed in an authentic prison barracks from Grini prison camp. The exhibitions at the museum are based on the prisoners' own stories and convey the story of the prison camp through film, images, sound, objects and modern technology